Saturday, May 16, 2009

How to connect with Zain

Get ur SIM configured by calling the Zain customer care unit 111 and request for GPRS/MMS Configurations and make sure you save the settings sent to you for the OTA(over the air) settings. Contact there website http// for manual configurations or visit one of their shops near you. Zain has different plans for mobile browsing they have pay as you surf which is 15/kilobite and this apply to anyone who want to browse or has finish with his/her data package. Zain has 3G data plan for a month and it goes for 10 thousand Naira, type as if you want dial new number on phone *141*712*2# and press send key immediately a message welcoming you into the plan will be shown. Monthly Zain plus of 1G type *141*712*1# and press send to enjoy this data plan. For Zain daily plan press *141*712*3# and press the send or OK key it goes for 50M per 24hrs and it expires after 24hrs with any Megabite left unused. Zain has another monthly pack just type *141*712*4# and press the send/OK key. To check your expiry date,used or left data type *141*712*0# and press send/ok key. I enjoy using Zain for my mobile browsing though it limit the size of to be downloaded or upoaded because it is a limited data plan service and it expires if left unuse till the date given. I was privilege to use this service courtesy of Pam of Dadamac and with the help of Fantsuam Foundation, Kafanchan. With this communcation with learning from each other,SDL right from my village is encouraged. Thanks to Ricardo he has been of immense help anytime I encounter problem with my phone and internet he has shown me more easier ways of browsing with my phone using IRD/bluetooth adaptor. Get intouch if you have problem browsing on phone.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The names of the three public secondary schools in Ago Are; Baptist Secondary Grammar School (BASEGA),Ansaru 'Deen Secondary School(ADS) and Christ Comprehensive Secondary School. We were able to move round these schools compounds to see things ourselves after we have enquire from the school authority concerning the availability of toilet in these schools. Our findings are contained in the report below. BASEGA: It was situated at the extreme end of the town along the old road that linked Ago Are with Saki.  The school sign board and the well beside it The school has about 1500 students, it has a well at the entrance of the school but it does not spring during the dry season( summer) The school has a building that has pits at the extreme of the school (right in the bush). As they appear in the picture  the building with the pits  One of the pits in the building These pits are used by the entire school teachers inclusive. These pits have deteriorated and many a student would rather prefer to use the bush for the fear of toilet diseases. The offensive odour coming out of the pits were unbearable, the wall is dilapidated, foundation about to sink and these make repair costly and almost impossible. To prevent outbreak of epidemics and in the interest of the students, teachers and the entire community new toilet -possibly water system - is suggested to be built for this school (if it is in the capacity of your noble organization). The school well needed to be serviced. ADS; The school was situated along Ofiki road(another town in the local government) Folabisunday standing with ADS principal and a teacher standing by .It has more students than Baptist Grammar School above. The school has well and this well is as bad as that of BASEGA. The school itself has no toilet whatsoever and the students have no choice than to use the nearby bush anytime they want to use the gents. Many a student has been bitten by snakes in this bush and this has created fear in them. We suggest an erection of toilet facility for this school as well  PD standing with the sign board of ADS. CHRIST COMPREHENSIVE; The school is a developing school, government has just taken it up from the Christian Association. It was situated along Ibadan road. The school has a structure proposed to be used for the school toilet but due to insufficient fund the project has been left uncompleted. The school only has urinal for the stud

Learning Journey

learning journey Birth: since learning takes place from the day we are born till death I learnt from my parents how to babble,talk,toddle,walk,suck,laugh,eat,put on clothes,the norms and culture of my tribe was inbibed through precept,examples,drilling and practice,I learnt how to do house chores like fetching water,washing clothes and plates Peer: I learnt how to approach opposite sex,how to exchange pleasantry,how to ride,play football,sing,how to communicate and how to comport and compose myself while facing the crowd,how to browse and surf the internet,how to create a website using HTML. Primary: I learnt how to identify figures,alphabets,object,how to read simple words,how to scribble, I learnt how to respect and obey elders and stipulated authority. Secondary school: I learnt how to read and write more legibly and eventually comprehend what I have read and put them into practice.I learnt how to choose a career,some skills like ball joggling,drawing,cuttining lawns,writing were learnt as well. I learnt how to compete with others and possibly accept defeat with stoic equanimity Higher education: I learnt how to choose a life carreer and purse it with perfect interest and uptmost determination, Learnt about the reality of my environment and how I could make good use of the resources avaiilable to to achieve my goals and purpose in life. I delve much into my chosen career dogedly. Destination: I am now a teacher that was my chosen carrieer I want to teach many people about how to find joy in whatever things they are doing, want to be a write using the internet to inform and educate people in the world about the difficulties and pleasure of teaching in the rurals. I want to become an ICT expert and eventually use my acquired skills and knowledge to empower and liberate people around me and possibly liberate them from abject poverty using the method of Yinus Muhammed to establish a social business with zero capital.