Thursday, May 14, 2009

The names of the three public secondary schools in Ago Are; Baptist Secondary Grammar School (BASEGA),Ansaru 'Deen Secondary School(ADS) and Christ Comprehensive Secondary School. We were able to move round these schools compounds to see things ourselves after we have enquire from the school authority concerning the availability of toilet in these schools. Our findings are contained in the report below. BASEGA: It was situated at the extreme end of the town along the old road that linked Ago Are with Saki.  The school sign board and the well beside it The school has about 1500 students, it has a well at the entrance of the school but it does not spring during the dry season( summer) The school has a building that has pits at the extreme of the school (right in the bush). As they appear in the picture  the building with the pits  One of the pits in the building These pits are used by the entire school teachers inclusive. These pits have deteriorated and many a student would rather prefer to use the bush for the fear of toilet diseases. The offensive odour coming out of the pits were unbearable, the wall is dilapidated, foundation about to sink and these make repair costly and almost impossible. To prevent outbreak of epidemics and in the interest of the students, teachers and the entire community new toilet -possibly water system - is suggested to be built for this school (if it is in the capacity of your noble organization). The school well needed to be serviced. ADS; The school was situated along Ofiki road(another town in the local government) Folabisunday standing with ADS principal and a teacher standing by .It has more students than Baptist Grammar School above. The school has well and this well is as bad as that of BASEGA. The school itself has no toilet whatsoever and the students have no choice than to use the nearby bush anytime they want to use the gents. Many a student has been bitten by snakes in this bush and this has created fear in them. We suggest an erection of toilet facility for this school as well  PD standing with the sign board of ADS. CHRIST COMPREHENSIVE; The school is a developing school, government has just taken it up from the Christian Association. It was situated along Ibadan road. The school has a structure proposed to be used for the school toilet but due to insufficient fund the project has been left uncompleted. The school only has urinal for the stud


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