Monday, October 5, 2015


It is interesting working
in the village. few years ago Pamela invited me to Kafanchan where we
were taught blogging by Glenn and Shooting of Photographs by Kelechi
little did i know that i was been prepared for my future passion. I
have interest in art and graphics last year i went for a camera Canon
D60 (broke my pocket for the camera but it is a gadget worth buying).
I ventured into photography and some of my works could be seen on
late last year I motivated a school to get a PC for the pupils and
they they did purchased one for sure, Computer is getting more rooted
in the Nigerian education system, since some of the examinations are
being done using computer and it will be of good help if we catch them
young (teaching computer right from primary school)I have taken them
Computer class few months ago before I went for my sandwich degree
programme at Lead City University Ibadan The good news is I will be
having my teaching practice for six weeks and I hope to intensify in
my teaching the pupils computer and internet usage. see some of the
shot i took with the pupils and one of their teachers last time i had
their class before i traveled for my study. I wish to
establish a well standard computer and ICT center in the village where
i could be of help teaching the students in the village how to use the
internet and more so now I am into graphics and photography as i go for
wedding shot( I still need some photography gears though) I will like
to teach the pupils and anyone in the locality photography, computer
usage and the use of the internet especially now when we only need a
router to share the Glo 3G network available in the town. Someday I
wish to start teaching computer in local language on the only radio
station in the area but the logistic and the wherewithal to go about
it is lacking I hope someday my voice would be heard on Radio in local
language teaching Computer. Many people are now using computer in the
town and I am happy to tell you Ago Are and other towns in ATISBO ( an
acronym of towns that made up the local government Ago Are//Agunrege,
Irawo, Tede, Irawo, Baasi, Sabe,Ofiki//Owo ) has changed drastically
in terms of technology skills. now you see people repairing computer
around the town and you see mini computer centers all around, I wish
to someday provide ict training skills for the computer users in the
local governemt someday.