Tuesday, September 30, 2008

our library

this is our little library or resource centre in my school(community primary school, Ago Are).these are for the pupils in the primary 3 to 6 but the pupils in the nursery are left out. the children needs books,visuals,audio visuals and other helpful instructional materials because what they se they get stucked into their memory. the local governments are not coming to our aid and we have to improvise teaching materials for these pupils to learn and this has created a whole lot of problems for the teachers in the village community primary school Ago Are. what do we do?

happy pupils!

the pupils are happy not minding all the rigour they are passing through infact they dont see them as rigour and stress because they were born and bred right in the village.farming carrying heavyloads,drinking impure water living under tatched roof never for once occured to them as sufferrings but normal life. they have never been to a place of comfort where there are good food,ventilation,good roads and whatever that brings comfort to the urban dwellers and as their teacher i was posted not to compound their woes but teach them.

Monday, September 29, 2008

i finished my NCE in the year 2002 at the Federal College of Education Abeokuta and I got a job under the Oyo State Government in the year 2005. I never knew I would be posted into the village where there would be no luxury,accomodation,good roads,electricty and all the comforts enjoyed in the urban. i was thrown into the bush where there houses were made of tatch and mud and farming is their major occupation. working in the rural is herculean and i think the government should provide all the necessary ammenities for the teachers in the village so as to motivate them to work vigorously in achieving the objective of imparting knowledge unto the pupils.