Thursday, May 14, 2009

Learning Journey

learning journey Birth: since learning takes place from the day we are born till death I learnt from my parents how to babble,talk,toddle,walk,suck,laugh,eat,put on clothes,the norms and culture of my tribe was inbibed through precept,examples,drilling and practice,I learnt how to do house chores like fetching water,washing clothes and plates Peer: I learnt how to approach opposite sex,how to exchange pleasantry,how to ride,play football,sing,how to communicate and how to comport and compose myself while facing the crowd,how to browse and surf the internet,how to create a website using HTML. Primary: I learnt how to identify figures,alphabets,object,how to read simple words,how to scribble, I learnt how to respect and obey elders and stipulated authority. Secondary school: I learnt how to read and write more legibly and eventually comprehend what I have read and put them into practice.I learnt how to choose a career,some skills like ball joggling,drawing,cuttining lawns,writing were learnt as well. I learnt how to compete with others and possibly accept defeat with stoic equanimity Higher education: I learnt how to choose a life carreer and purse it with perfect interest and uptmost determination, Learnt about the reality of my environment and how I could make good use of the resources avaiilable to to achieve my goals and purpose in life. I delve much into my chosen career dogedly. Destination: I am now a teacher that was my chosen carrieer I want to teach many people about how to find joy in whatever things they are doing, want to be a write using the internet to inform and educate people in the world about the difficulties and pleasure of teaching in the rurals. I want to become an ICT expert and eventually use my acquired skills and knowledge to empower and liberate people around me and possibly liberate them from abject poverty using the method of Yinus Muhammed to establish a social business with zero capital.

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