Sunday, October 25, 2009

Working in the rurals has brought me more closer to nature

Working and living in the rurals for the past 5years in no doubt has brought me more closer to nature itself. Unlike when I was in the urban area. Now I eat fresh fruits like guava,orange,pineapple,water melon and what a view. I can eat whatever came to my mind since I leave where foods are manufactured; farm. I am free from artificial products, from junks and cholesterol that could cause cancer. I have free and unrestricted access to animals,birds, insects in their real habitats. All these I had no privilege of seeing when in the city and now I can say all things bright and beautiful for God make them all. I now appreciate nature. Staying in the village is adventorous I must confess, the people are not hostile they are instead accomodating, friendly, wanting to learn from their teacher. Staying with these villagers is lovely I must confess.

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