Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ICT in the rural

Communication and info tech has taken the centre stage in the universe. ICT has remouIded the whole world into a small village. Day after days we, see new innovations which was brought about by research works based on empirical data collections and experimentation. Everybody want to know what,why,where and how of everything around them (go to yahoo answer and verify this)and ICT is equally up to the task. People of different cultural background in millions of mile apart could come together as team - via the internet - to embark on a worthwile project that can solve some of the aspirations of humankind.
 If not for ICT the world Economic situation would have gone awry(economic melt away),if not for technology we would have recorded much death in these days of HIV and other killer diseases,technology has blown a new wave into the world politics, we should have been talking about the third world war by now but thanks to space satellite that monitors everywhere.
 Now come to think about you you working in a village where there is no internet,Vsat,3G, all you see is trees,wild animals in their habitat,nature itself as I am working. How do you cope? When I was transffered into Ago - Are(one of the rural areas in Oyo State of Nigeria) I thought all; internet business,online research work,surfing,communicating,chatting has come to the end and this continue till I got informed that I can as well use that my 3G phone(P990i) to do all these and can even be use as modem with my computer. Thanks to Ricardo and Pam of thought. It was then I got relieved and created a blog and continue with all my online research works.
 Are you coming to Africa and you think much cannot be achieved kindly change you perspective, stop being parochial in your think. That is what ICT is all about. Come around with your phone and much can as well be achieved. We are living in the world of mobility. Come to Africa, my village and view things yourself we are as well using ICT. I am a representative of Dadamac in my village

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