Monday, September 29, 2008

i finished my NCE in the year 2002 at the Federal College of Education Abeokuta and I got a job under the Oyo State Government in the year 2005. I never knew I would be posted into the village where there would be no luxury,accomodation,good roads,electricty and all the comforts enjoyed in the urban. i was thrown into the bush where there houses were made of tatch and mud and farming is their major occupation. working in the rural is herculean and i think the government should provide all the necessary ammenities for the teachers in the village so as to motivate them to work vigorously in achieving the objective of imparting knowledge unto the pupils.

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  1. An adage used to say "A kii ti okere ka mo didun obe"
    means "We can't stay far from home and know the flavour of the stew".

    The rural area dwellers already accustomed to their adaptation, they don't see it as suffering as you think. By the time you're fully adapted to the environment you too may prefer rural area than city, providing few amenities were available. Your employer did it well by posting you to Oke-Ogun, so you can experience both sides of the world.

    Anyway what're the advantages of been a rural dwellers?